About the association

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about the association

MIFNEH association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 and began its activities in 2022. The goal of the association is to help and support APBD patients in Israel and their families.

Association activity

Our mission

  • Meetings/seminars for patients and their families for the purpose of supportive therapeutic guidance and improvement of the patients' condition.
  • Participation in conferences for the purpose of spreading awareness of the disease.
  • Meetings/seminars for doctors to learn about the disease and its symptoms and to increase awareness.
  • Support, advice and training for patients and their families.
  • Advancing research on the disease and finding a solution.

Future conferences

  • Meeting on the subject of exhausting the rights of patients with rare diseases in front of government institutions 09.19.2022
  • Conference for orphan diseases at the Emek Hospital 09.21.2022
  • Annual Conference of the Neurological Diseases December 2022

The association's team


Orly Shani


Shoshana Schneider

Association director

Yossi Roth


Ran Marcus


Shlomi Schneider


Adi Schneider